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About A Vasectomy
Season 2, Episode 1
Episode Information
Air Date: October 14, 2014
Prod. Code: 201
Written by: Jason Katims
Directed by: Adam Davidson
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "About a Rib Chute"
Next Episode: "About A House For Sale"
About A Vasectomy is the first episode in Season 2 of About a Boy. It aired on October 14, 2014.


In financial crisis, Will returns to San Francisco where Marcus has made new friends and Andy has a baby crisis brewing.

Episode Summary[]

Having moved to New York to start a new life with his lady love Dr. Sam, Will has devoted all his time to the search for the perfect Asiago bagel, which he finds in the hands of an ornery East Side baker who looks remarkably like Rob Reiner. Unfortunately, the bagel store is closed, so as usual, Will uses a pile of money to magically open doors. He shares his victory with Marcus via Skype, just as Sam comes home, pumped after a day of saving lives. Marcus declares they're the perfect Manhattan power couple, despite the twinge of inadequacy that wrinkles across Will's forehead. No matter - his "Runaway Sleigh" royalty check has arrived, a guaranteed boatload of money for work done a decade ago. Sadly this check is filled with goose eggs and nothing else; 100% of Will's income is now nothing. In a panic, Will flies back to San Francisco for 36 hours to call his money guy Richard, demanding he fix things.

Will's just putting the key in his lock when he hears an unearthly wailing next door. He's disgusted to discover Fiona has enlisted Marcus to reproduce his birth to help train for her new life calling as a doula. Will changes the subject right away: he's got big plans to share his 36 hours with Marcus, and he is a little put out to hear Marcus has finally made a few age-appropriate friends. Andy's news is no better. He thinks Laurie is pregnant, since she's showing all the usual signs. It turns out Andy never got the vasectomy Will badgered him not to get - then "faked" a vasectomy for Laurie's benefit. Later, when Laurie's cooking dinner, Andy announces that Will has a surprise, then runs upstairs, leaving Will on the spot. After taking the knife out of Laurie's hand, Will shambles his way to confessing Andy never did get that vasectomy...

Marcus' new friends Eddie, Jordan and Cal suck up to Fiona, then make fun of her behind her back. Worse yet, they've defaced Marcus' tree house, dubbed it "the brigade" and relegated him to "guarding" it from the ground. Will totally gets the picture and tries to tell Fiona that Marcus' new friends are bullying him, but Fiona isn't buying it. She accuses Will of creating problems in San Francisco to avoid bigger problems in New York. Is everything alright with Sam? Insisting everything's fine, Will decides his next priority is to prove the true nature of Marcus' new friends to Fiona. Excited with all the goings-on, Will calls Dr. Sam to tell her he needs a few more days. It seems his San Francisco life is a lot busier than his New York one.

Richard stops by with odd news: someone is claiming they co-wrote "Runaway Sleigh," which means Will's royalty money spigot is clogged. It could be weeks, months, maybe even years before the spigot turns back on, so Will really should consider cutting back on his more spendy extravagances. Will sets up a telescope and camera in his bedroom to document the bullies' transgressions against Marcus. When Fiona catches him spying, he insists she get an eyeful too, but of course, Marcus catches them in the act. Will takes all the blame, explaining that Marcus' new friends aren't really friends. There's no winning for Marcus; come Monday, he's back to having no friends. Fiona tries to kick the boys out of the tree house, but they just laugh at her, so Will steps in. Not only will they apologize to Fiona - but they're going to treat Marcus with respect from now on. Afterwards, a sad Fiona apologizes to Will. He was right, but she so wanted Marcus to have friends. Will apologizes back; Fiona's right too. When he called Dr. Sam to ask for a few extra days, she didn't bat an eye.

That night, Will sends a case of orange soda up to the tree house as an apology. Marcus admits he knows the guys weren't really his friends, but he was hoping to grow on them, just like he grew on Will. And he doesn't want to Skype his bad new to Will when he's having such a great time in New York. Will is having a great time in New York, right? Richard calls to interrupt the conversation with a short-term solution to Will's money problem. He can sell the San Francisco apartment - which he's not living in anyway - and poof! - his money problems are solved.


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