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About Total Exuberance
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode Information
Air Date: March 4, 2014
Viewership: 8.36 million [1]
Prod. Code: 102
Written by: Jason Katims
Directed by: Todd Holland
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Pilot"
Next Episode: "About a Godfather"
About Total Exuberance is the second episode of About a Boy.[2] It aired on March 4, 2014. This episode was seen by 8.36 million people.


Andy guilts Will into agreeing to babysit Marcus so Fiona can go on a job interview, but the situation gets complicated when they receive a last-minute invitation to a once-in-a-lifetime charity pool party hosted by rap star Lil Jon. Meanwhile, Fiona discovers that honesty isn’t always the best policy when it comes to landing a job.

Episode Summary[]

It's the middle of the night and Will isn't sleeping alone when he's woken up by noises downstairs. Will and bedmate Jenny are stunned when Marcus' voice issues from the walls, announcing he's crashed Will's network in order to use his printer. Will follows the sound of Marcus' voice to discover the building has a

dumbwaiter that connects their two apartments. According to Marcus, it's the next best thing to living together! Freaked out, Jenny pulls on her clothes and leaves just as Fiona appears to ask Will to watch Marcus while she goes on a job interview. Thursdays aren't good for Will since that's the day his bagel store makes can't-miss Asiago cheese bagels. Marcus puts on his most pathetic sad face to plead with Will, who finally caves.  

On the way to her interview, Fiona stops by to pick up a copy of her resume from Will's printer and lay down babysitting guidelines. After glancing at Fiona's rather eccentric resume, Will suggests that complete honesty isn't going to cut it. If Fiona wants a job, she's going to have to lie. Babysitting goes great until a very excited Andy pounds on the door with the news that T.J. got them on the list for Lil Jon's charity pool party! Andy refuses to babysit Marcus in Will's stead, so Will sulks until Marcus suggests they go to the pool party together. His mom never has to know... 

It's not long before Will and Marcus are walking through a sea of bikini-clad "video hos" - and declaring a bro code of silence. Marcus has come prepared to swim, and he's eager to get on the high diving board for the first time in his life, but no one's in the pool. Knowing Marcus is going to cramp his style, Will proposes they

go their separate ways and do "visual checks" every 15 minutes. Marcus gets bored while Will gets so tipsy doing Jello shots that he forgets about the visual checks. He's just talking to Lil Jon when everyone spies a petrified Marcus, frozen atop the high dive. Despite his fear of heights, Will succeeds in talking Marcus down off the board. But when Marcus claims he's not cut out for derring-do, Will has a change of heart. It's time to seize the day and conquer their fears! Marcus gathers his courage and plunges off the high dive, then talks Will into doing the same. The whole party cheers - it's a great moment of victory shared by two best bros.

Back at home, the bro code of silence is in full effect until Fiona shows up. Marcus simply can't lie to his mother. Since Will's the kind of guy who's going to take Marcus to a party with video hos, Fiona insists they should just be

neighbors. That's when Will gets a call. Apparently, Fiona lied on her job interview, claiming she worked for Will's organic stapler company. Will offers to bail out Fiona - but only if she apologizes. Realizing she may have laid into Will too hard, Fiona offers a genuine apology and Will gives her a stellar reference that lands her the job.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]


  • Will was invited to Lil Jon's pool party.
  • Fiona went  looking for a job.
  • Will was forced to babysit Marcus.
  • Marcus lived through a Total Exuberance for the first time. 
  • Fiona lied for the first time.
  • In this episode it turns out that Will's and Marcus's houses are actually sticked into a one building.


  • This episode started filming on December 11, 2013 and ended on December 15, 2013.

Featured Music[]

  • Comeback Kid (theme song)
  • Best of Friends (by Andrew Jed)
  • Spectrum (by Alo)
  • Up in Here (Kovas)
  • Wiggle (Def Conz)
  • Slideshow (by Rufus Wainwright)
  • I'm Yours (by Jason Mraz)


Will: Who ever is down here, I'm armed!
Jenny: Did you hear that?

Marcus: Hi!
Will: We have a dumbwaiter?
Marcus: This is a whole one house, isn't that awesome? We live together.
Will: We do not live together.
Marcus: Cool. A bra.
Jenny:Ok, this just got a bit weird.

Marcus: This is my feeling wheel. Because we're hanging out together, I'm coloring in excited,comfored and phefield.

Will: Bro code silence?
Marcus: Bro code silence.

Will: Hi! Im' Will
Veronica: Veronica



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