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About a Kiss
Season 1, Episode 9
Episode Information
Air Date: 2014
Viewership: 6.86[1]
Prod. Code: 109
Written by: Matt Wolpert & Ben Nedivi
Directed by: Eric Appel
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "About a Slopmaster"
Next Episode: "About a Boy's Dad"
About a Kiss[2] is the ninth  episode of About a Boy. It aired on April 22, 2014.


Game night turns into anything but fun and games for Will-Andy and Laurie host a game night and Will  invites Sam , but things don't go exactly as planned when she arrives. When his friend TJ  asks Fiona  to join him for the festivities, Will goes to great lengths to discourage any sparks from flying. Meanwhile, Marcus  is uneasy when he discovers the mother of an older mean girl at school will be babysitting him.

Episode Summary[]

Two-on-two basketball is hot and heavy, Marcus and Will vs. T.J. and Andy, when Fiona arrives to pick up Marcus. Marcus wants to stay to help Will win back a large bedazzled belt, which signifies 15 years of competition between Will and his friends. As it turns out, Andy and Laurie are hosting a game night, and since Laurie wants an even number of players, Will's out and Fiona and T.J. are in. Later, Will accuses Andy of letting T.J. steal the belt - was T.J. trying to impress Fiona? Because that could only end in disaster! Will

talks himself out of the T.J./Fiona scenario until Fiona knocks on his door, hoping to find a babysitter for game night and sporting a little cleavage. Yes, she dressed up for game night, what of it? When Fiona leaves, Will invites himself to game night - he's got to put an end to this T.J. thing once and for all! Determined Will won't ruin the slight chance Laurie will be happy and have sex with him, Andy agrees to let Will come - but only if he brings a plus one so there's an even number. And no prostitutes!

Later, Marcus trolls through Will's address book looking for the perfect game night date - which is of course, Dr. Sam. Will is just explaining how this relationship requires finesse that no game night possesses, when Dr. Sam picks up the phone. Marcus had already dialed her and moments later the date is on. Unable to find a babysitter, Fiona drops Marcus at the tony home of a new friend, who has three daughters, two of whom, Ashleigh and Megan, look pretty mean. They don't waste any time sending Marcus to the bathroom with their nerdy sister, Katie... which eventually results in his very first kiss!

Fiona moves on to game night, where Andy and Laurie are convinced love is blossoming between her and T.J., disgusting Will, who's determined to be the worst chaperone ever. Turned on, Laurie drags Fiona into the kitchen to advise her to hit T.J.... hard. Since it's time for the games to begin and Dr. Sam hasn't yet arrived, Laurie tries to kick Will out of the house. Instead, he pulls T.J. into the kitchen, where T.J. reveals his intention to hit Fiona later. Hoping to stave off disaster, Will claims he's crushing on Fiona, so T.J. makes it interesting. First one to bag Fiona gets the belt. That's when Will pulls out the big guns: Fiona is the woman he loves.

Insisting on playing charades, for which he's totally unqualified, Will tries to wedge himself between Fiona and T.J., who is cutting a new form in competitive edge. Finally, Will can't stand it anymore. He stops the

proceedings to forbid Fiona from sleeping with T.J. When Fiona can't understand why, T.J. explains Will's in love with Fiona... just as Dr. Sam arrives. Laurie is ready to call game night a wash, when a totally desperate Will levels with the room: he's not in love with Fiona, he just doesn't want her to get involved with T.J. because T.J. is not good enough. In fact, Will doesn't want to have sex with Fiona - he wants to have sex with Dr. Sam... but it's not a bag-her-for-the-belt thing at all! As T.J. and Will fall to fisticuffs and Fiona and Dr. Sam huff out, Andy starts guzzling wine, since his chances of getting bagged are over. Game night really is a wash.

Later, Fiona stops by Will's for some words, which he presumes are "thank you" for defending her honor. But all she wants to say is that next time someone wants to have sex with her to win a belt, he should just tell her. And is he looking at her boobs again? Will shuttles Fiona out the door, and when there's another knock, he assumes it's her again, throws open the door and announces yes, he was looking at her boobs. But in fact, it's Dr. Sam, who was touched to learn Will likes her. So she stopped by Andy and Laurie's to pick up the belt - and she's got a first kiss for him too!


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Gianna LePera as Katie's sister
  • Ashley Boettcher as Ashleigh
  • Kassie Thornton as Debbie
  • Bebe Wood as Katie
  • Devin Sidell as Linda
  • Unknown as Megan
  • Annie Mumolo as Laurie


  • TJ has a winning belt.
  • Will and Sam kiss for the first time.
  • Fiona dresses into a cleavage shirt for the fisrt time.
  • Will looks at Fiona's bubs for the first time.
  • Marcus invites Dr. Sam out instead of Will.
  • Marcus plays basketball for the first time.
  • Marcus gets his first kiss.
  • Will reveals that he had his first kiss at age 14.
  • Laurie thinks that TJ is hot.
  • Will thinks that Fiona is too good for TJ.
  • Katie is alergic to nuts.
  • Katie's kiss with Marcus was her third kiss.


  • The table-read was on February 25, 2014
  • Filming for this episode started on February 24, 2014

Featured Music[]

  • Comeback Kid (theme song)
  • Tap the Botle (by Young Black Teenagers)
  • Whose Girl are you (by The Unwed Teenage Mothers)
  • How do I know (by Here we go magic)
  • Ladykiller (by Maroon 5)
  • Raspberry (by Grouplove)
  • Shuggie (by Foxygen)
  • Sleepy Time (by Fialta)


TJ: Do I look like rubbish?
Fiona: A bit, but I'm sure you'll clean up nicley.
Will: He took the belt to legally and you just stood there let it happen and let it win.Andy: I was on his team. It was a victory for me too and he was just showing off to Fiona.
Will: Oh, why do you even say something like that?
Andy: So he dates Fona, what do you care.
Will: It is only one way that will end with a desaster.
Andy: Maybe they will go out and fall madly in love.
Will: Yeah well that's very bad for me. She's over here all the time, she's all up of my work. TJ is sudenlly a vegan, poker night turns into a jogga dating sesion.
Andy: What if they go out for a couple times and then just fistels.Will: That is also bad, let me explain it to you. She doesn't take it well, she is sad a volobre and sudenlly she joins the couls and this house becomes wako centeral.
Fiona: Hello! I'm not a speach for dumbsters, but since you're not going out tonight can you watch Marcus? Cus my usual sitter just canceled.Did you just look at my bubbs?
Will: What? No, no, I mean I did but it is just a reflex, don't be flatered.
Katie sister(blonde: How old do you think he is?
Ashleigh: I'm guessing he is a very peal nine.
Marcus: Actally I'm a sleighltly pale 11.
Ashleigh: We're not talking to you, we're talking about you
Marcus: Right, right sorry meam.
Katie sister: He is pefect.
Marcus: Perfect for...?... sorry.
Ashleigh: Katie, get in here....
Katie: Oh sorry. Hay


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