About a Poker Night
Season 1, Episode 7
Episode Information
Air Date: April 8, 2014
Viewership: 6.87[1]
Prod. Code: 107
Written by: Colleen McGuinness
Directed by: Adam Davidson
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "About a Buble"
Next Episode: "About a Slopmaster"
About a Poker Night is the seventh episode of About a Boy. It aired on April 8, 2014.


Fiona deals herself into Will's poker game when Marcus goest to his first sleepover.  Will  throws a poker night for his friends, including Andy , Crosby , TJ  and Richard , but the event is hijacked by Fiona , who has no problem making herself at home with the guys. Meanwhile, Marcus  goes on his first sleepover, but has a hard time staying the night when he finds the others aren't as nice to him as he had hoped.  

Episode SummaryEdit

While waiting for a call from Dr. Sam, Will teaches Marcus how to play poker. Marcus suggests Will call Sam, but he prefers to wait it out; a wild poker night with his friends will help him pass the time. Marcus has his very first sleepover coming up at his potential friend Jackson's house. He's a little nervous because his lack of social
reputation is hanging in the balance. Fiona has packed everything Marcus will need, including his dreamcatcher and pajamas with a cell phone pocket, should he need to call her in the middle of the night. Fiona's looking forward to a big night on her own: a good book, meditation and cheese curd straining. It's the first night she's spent apart from Marcus ever, and while the prospect of doing exactly what she wants to do sounds great, in practice, Fiona's bored to tears.

The crazy poker night of Will's dreams quickly becomes less than: Andy has to be in bed in time for Colbert; Richard brought his own lumbar pillow; and Crosby has brought his baby daughter, who's going through an epic poop cycle. Will is predictably pissy when Crosby asks to be dealt out to attend to his daughter's diaper, so Andy tells everyone Will's really upset because Dr. Sam still hasn't called. With the diaper on the table, TJ heads to the yard for a piss and encounters Fiona, who has just begun meditating. Admiring her accent and knowing they're short a player, TJ invites Fiona to sit it on the game, much to Will's chagrin. Fiona brings hummus, leads a yoga session and does shots with everyone but Will, so it's not long before the guys nominate her permanent dealer. When Will receives a terse text from Dr. Sam, it's the last straw. He pushes Fiona out of the game and out of his house by commenting that her only friend is her son. Ironically, it's this
comment that sends all of Will's other friends over to Fiona's. They're pretty drunk when Marcus calls to say he's not built for sleepovers and the scary movies that go with them - he needs to come home now!

With nowhere else to turn, Fiona asks Will to drive her to Jackson's house to collect Marcus. She apologizes for ruining poker night, allowing that it's the most fun she's had in a long time - it's nice to feel like she belongs. Will has to admit Fiona's a pretty fun poker player. She doesn't want Marcus to abandon his sleepover, but she's too drunk to make the case, so Will speaks for her. Scary movies are just like going to the dentist - all Marcus needs to do is cut out the sound and the scare is off. Will hands over his iPod, asking Marcus not to judge, then points him to track 17. Problem solved!


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  • Will and Fiona played be playing poker.
  • Marcus goes on his first sleepover.
  • Will's friends are interoduced.
  • Marcus is scared of scary movies.
  • Fiona gets drunk for the first time.
  • Fiona played Poker in the university.

Featured MusicEdit

  • Comeback Kid (theme song)
  • Ho Hey-The Lumineers
  • Get Me Golden (by Terraplane Sun)
  • Mixed Up (by Graham Colton)
  • Higher (by Eric Cross)
  • Friday Night (by The Last Royals)
  • Wiser (by old Man Canyon)
  • MMMBop (by Hanson)


Marcus: Pair of blacks. In your face!
Will: Ok. You have right there, you have nothing, ok. For example, look at my triple sevens. See do you get that?
Marcus: I think we booth know that I, I don't.... Still nothing from doctor Samantha? It starting to become depresing.
Will: Dude, dating like poker is a game Marcus. And she plays it very well.
Fiona: Darling, you've gotta et redy for you big sleep over adventure. I've got your all clothes in your big dafle, and than I've got another bag with your healthy snack, first aid and your dream satcher.... What are you doing? Why are you trying to hide your poker table.
Will: it may look like I'm teaching your son, playing poker, but actually I'm teaching him math.
Fiona: I'm actually not against learning him play poker, but I just think that person teaching him, should be qualificated.
Will: ok, sweetheart, I'm a detrminate player.His in good hands.
Fiona: Anyway, long slefed footy pyjamas, but don't forget how swety your legs can get.
Fiona: So I put your teddy on the bottom, okay darling.
Kid: Hey Marcus.
Fiona: Okay, listen I know that this is the first night that we're going to spend apart, so forget what Will said, If you need me for anything, anything at all, I'm here.
Marcus: I'm not goona blow this opportunity to expand my friend base, now if you excuse me my sthing valubly party now.



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