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About a Rib Chute
Season 1, Episode 13
Episode Information
Air Date: May 13, 2014
Viewership: 5.68[1]
Prod. Code: 113
Written by: Jason Katims
Directed by: Lawrence Trilling
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "About a Hammer"
Next Episode: "Season 2"
About a Rib Chute [2] is the last and thirteen episode in season 1 of series About a Boy. This episode premiered on May 13, 2014 after twelfth episode About a Hammer at 9.30pm.


Will finds himself in unfamiliar territory when Sam drops a bombshell on him in the season finale. Will  is completely heartbroken when Sam  receives a job opportunity she can’t refuse in New York, prompting Fiona  and Marcus to try their best to comfort their friend. With her absence weighing on his mind, Will turns to Andy for his sage advice in figuring out how to best move forward.  

Episode Summary[]

Will sees Dr. Sam to the airport for a heartbreaking goodbye as she departs for New York. On the escalator, she pleads with Will to move to New York with her. Will has a tough decision to make. He mulls his options and eventually decides that as much as he loves his life in Berkeley, he doesn't want to be apart from Dr. Sam. He's
moving to New York City! Now he just has to break the news to Marcus.

Avoiding the toughest conversation of his life, Will decides to first inform his best friend, Andy, of his big decision. Andy is obviously not happy about the news, but he promises Will that he'll support him no matter what, because that's what best friends do.

Meanwhile, Will's old band, Sriracha, decides to play a reunion concert at a local club. A week of band rehearsals provides a good distraction for Will, who is still nervous about telling Fiona and Marcus that he's moving. He has a heart-to-heart with Fiona in the tree house, during which he informs her that he's leaving town. She's heartbroken, but she's more concerned about how Marcus will take the news.

Later that week, a man stops by Will's house in response to a subletting ad in the paper. Marcus confronts the man on the porch and discovers Will is moving away. He throws a temper tantrum and destroys part of the tree house, angrily screaming about how Will is leaving him just like his father did. This isn't how Will wanted it to go down at all.

Will and his band perform their reunion show, which Marcus declines to attend. For their last song, Will
invites Fiona onstage to perform a heart-wrenching rendition of a One Direction song dedicated to Marcus. At home, Marcus begins to regret his angry response to Will's news. As a friend, he should be supportive, even if it means losing someone he loves dearly. He heads to the concert just in time to catch the end of Will and Fiona's performance, understanding what friendship really means.

After Will's big move, he calls Marcus to catch up on the events of the past week. He offers Marcus advice on girls and life, just like old times. When Fiona interrupts the call, Will tells Marcus about a secret chute in the tree house that Marcus can use to hide his barbecued rib bones from his mom. The two friends agree to chat again at the same time next week and, after hanging up, Will looks out at the New York City skyline and appreciates his wonderfully wacky life.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]


  • This is the last episode in Season 1.
  • This episode premiered along with About a Hammer.
  • Fiona makes Will a plate of her “sad muffins” and then eats them all
  • Will takes Marcus for a manicure and pedicure and then indoor rock climbing
  • Sriracha reunites for one concert.
  • Will leaves for New York.
  • Marcus gets upset when he finds out that Will is moving to New York.
  • Sam askes Will if he would go with her.
  • Fiona admits that she will miss Will.
  • Fiona plays at a Sriracha concert with Will.
  • What Makes Beautiful is played.
  • Marcus's nanny is shown for the second time.
  • Will and Marcus build the tree house.
  • Marcus eats ribs.
  • Will's age is revealed in this episode.
  • Will and Marcus chat on their phones.
  • Will has an apple tablet.
  • Will gives his house for rent.
  • Marcus destroys the treehouse, but Will rebuilds it. He installs electricity and a mini-fridge
  • Andy really misses Will.


  • Table read was on March 18, 2014 [4]
  • Filming started on March 24, 2014  [5]
  • Filming ended on March 28, 2014 [6]

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