Come to papa.
— Will
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Fiona:Honey do you think that there's enaught gliter on it?
Marcus: There's not enazght glitter in the world to express how excited I am. My mom is coming to my school to voulentire for an intire week.
Will: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Hello pretty come to papa.
Marcus: What's in the evelomp Will?
Will: Well, every time Runaway Slide is played anywhere in the world I get royelties. And then once a conter I get a big ass check in a mail.
Marcus: Wow, having a big as.
Fiona: Yeah money isn't briberd mater darling.
Marcus:Wow this is like the best day ever. I want to be an independeltly whelty when I grow up.
Fiona: Darling, I want you to understand that there's great joy that comes from earning money that job well done.
Marcus: There's also a joy from buying a 500 dollar margarita machine to bag a babe.
Fiona: What did you just say?
Marcus: I, Im not actually sure, I was just repeating.
Fiona: And next stop is Hannah. Hannah will be the candlemaker.
Hannah: A candle maker as a person who makes candles?When my mom was parent voulenteer for my sister's class the theme was hunger games and my sister got to be Distrect Wantrubed.
Will: Whoa, Marcus why so glombed?
Marcus: Will your not gonna believe this I got asigned slopmaster in the kenzie englend.
Will: What is a slopmaster?
Marcus: As in master of the slop. What's confusing about that?


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