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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Over 35's
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Other Information
Occupation: Hosptal receptionist
Interests: Helping people
Show Information
Portrayed by: Treisa Gary
First appearance: "About a Buble"

Bev is a reccuring characters in series About a Boy. She is portrayed by Treisa Gary.


Bev is a famale over 35's womand who works as the hospital receptionist. She often makes coffee which a lot of poeple don't like. She helps people and needs their ID Insurence. Sam said that she is too easy, because she lets people in if they only say something nice to her. In About a Slopmaster she reveald that she likes Will, but not in the loving way, but as the way that he is good for Sam.

Character History[]

About a Buble[]

Bev was at the hospital working as a receptionist. Will ran to her so she can tell him where's the doctor, but she didn't want to do that, because she wanted an ID Insurance. When Will aske her i she can't see a knife in Marcus's foot she said that she sees it, but that she needs an ID Insurance. Then she called someone to tell that they have a runner. In the evening Bev told Sam that she has a visit. When Sam saw Will she aske her why did she let him in and Bev told that he loved her coffee so she then let him in and then Sam told her that she is too easy. Later she only was shown with Sam and she saw Will and told Sam that. Then she was only looking at Will singing te song.

About a Slopmaster[]

Bev was at the hospiatl watching Will's shark that he was contorilng and when Sam red the note then she stabbed the shar with a knife. When later Will camw to the hospital he offered Bev 5 box to tell him if Sam has a doble shift. And then Bev said that she likes him and that she's gonna take his 5 box and then she told  him that she has a doble shift. Then he offered he more money to give that shif to another doctor and she said that he hasn't got that kind of money and then she started o spell her name.



  • She is a female.
  • She is a hospital receptionist.
  • She likes Will(as friend).
  • She is Sam's friend.


Bev: Oh lover boy is here and I don't think that he is here for my coffee.
Bev: Oh I'm gonna google that.
Bev:He wrote this song.
Bev:That's for you you have and emergency.
Bev: Riley.
Bev: But then he said that he loved my coffee.


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