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Dakota Glenn
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Other Information
Occupation: Single mother
Show Information
Portrayed by: Leslie Bibb
First appearance: "Pilot"

Dakota Glenn is one of the minor characters in series About a Boy.


She is a single mother who plays cello. Dakota takes care of two daughters by herself. She becomes friends with Fiona and it is revealed that she starts to enjoy yoga during her "nomadic year."

Physical Appearance[]

Dakota is a tall slim woman with blonde hair. She has brown eyes. She plays celo and she is very good mother.

Character History[]


In the Pilot episode Will sees Dakota getting out of her car a celo which might refer that she plays celo. Then she tells him that she is late for a single parent circle meeting. At the meedting is Dakota listening to Will how is he telling a story how does he have a son and how he was sick and that then he was cured. Later after the meeting she and Will are kissing and lying in bed. But than Dakota gets a phone call that something happend in school of one of her daughters. Then she leaves and when Will comes to her back so he can get her phone number she gives it to him and tells him that she owns him(sex).


Later Will invites Dakota for lunch and she comes and when she sees Marcus she mixes him for Jonah Will's son that he made up. She says that her daughters could come one day and they could play. And then days later she really does come with her daughters. Then she goes outside to grill stakes and Fiona sees her and tells her that he made up that Marcus is his son so he can sleeps with her. And when Dakota hears that she gets mad and leaves with her two daughters.

On the end she is only shown watching Marcus's and Will's performance at the talent show, and by smiling she probably wanted to say how sweet is that Will helped her.

About a Girl[]

She was first coming to Fiona's house for a talk circle. Then Will talked to her and she told him that she can't talk right now. Then she went inside. On the end of the talk circle she comforted Fiona and she drank a glass of wine with her. Later she came to her for a yoga lesson. When Will tied to apologize, she grabbed him in her house and she wanted to have sex with him, but then she remembered that Hannah will make fun of Marcus and she went with Will to the party. There she distracts Hannah by telling her that she has make up on her face. Then on the end she tried to make sex with Will, but then she stopped, because she remembered that she needs to be a better person.

About a Plumber[]

Dakota became good friends with Fiona lately. She often visits her and so in About a Plumber, she was first with Fiona doing yoga in Fiona's living room. She told her that yoga is really good. Then when Fiona asked Dakota if it is really wrong that she haven't sex for 11 years. Dakota could believe her ears. She told her that


that is not good and that she will help her get a good guy to have sex with. So she fastly grabbed her phone and she asked Fiona to tell her a phone number of a good guy. Later when Fiona was talking to a phone to Lou a plumber Dakota tried to help her by taking her pipe out of the sink, so Lou could come to Fiona's place. She was really happy that Fiona got a date with a guy. 



  • She has two daughters.
  • She is a single mother.
  • She liked Will.
  • She wants to have sex with Will.
  • She loves yoga.
  • She becomes friends with Fiona.
  • Her surname is reveald in About a Kiss.


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