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Dakota and Will
Dakota and Will.png
General Information
Characters Shipped: Dakota and Will Freeman
Portrayed By: Leslie Bibb and David Walton

Dakota and Will is the romantic/friend pairing of Dakota and Will Freeman.

Other Names[]

  • Wakota (W/ill and D/akota)
  • Dill (D/akota and W/ill)


Season 1[]


  • In the pilot episode they first met, because Will came to her and started flirting with her.
  • At the circle meeting for single parents Will and Dakota were looking at each other.
  • Later at Will's home, they were already in bed together.
  • Hours later Dakota came over to Will's place.
  • Infront of his house Will started kissing and touching Dakota's buttocks.
  • When Dakota find out that Will was lying about having a kid she left.
  • On the end when she saw Will and Marcus playing, she thought that it was cute.

About a Girl

  • When Will tried to talk to her she didn't want.
  • Then when Will flirt with Dakota she was looking at him like she can't risist him.
  • Then when Will tried to appologise she grabbed him and wanted to have sex with him.

Similarities and Differences[]


  • They are both grown ups.
  • They both love celo.


  • Dakota is female, but Will is male.
  • Dakota has two childreen Will has none.


  • Song: TBA
  • Episode: Pilot
  • Item: Celo
  • Color: Posiblly brown


Will: Celo
Dakot: Oh hay. Never heard that one.
Will: I'm gonna be honest with you right now. I'm a celo freak, ok I'm obsesed with celos. And It's one thing to be the most beautiful woman, but then to pull a celo out of your car.

Dakota: I just want to let you know, that I'm not a hooker.
Will: Great so this is free?
Dakota: I'm raising two girls, all on my own.

Dakota: Celo!
Will: Celo.
Dakota: Listen, I know, we don't have any plans, but I have this crazy idea.
Will: Oh I know where...(then he kiss her).