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Dr. Samantha Lake
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Other Information
Occupation: Doctor
Interests: Doctoring
Helping people
Nicknames: Sam
Show Information
Portrayed by: Adrianne Palicki
First appearance: "About a Buble"

Dr. Samantha Lake is a guest character in series About a Boy.


Dr. Samantha Lake (Sam) is an over 30's doctor who helps all children. She has black long hair and she is tall and slim. Sam is currently single, but she might become Will's girlfriend. She is not a big fan of Michael Buble and she loves a band Rivvrs.

Character History[]

About a Buble[]

After Marcus, who was home alone due to his mom's new job, accidentally


When Marcus stabs himself in the foot, Will takes him to the emergency room where the two meet Dr. Samantha Lake. When Will corrects her, after she incorrectly calls Will Marcus's dad, Marcus goes on to say that Will is home all the time, so the two spend a lot of time together. Samantha asks what Will does for a living, and Will tells her he is a songwriter. Marcus tries to tell her about Will's one hit wonder, an old Christmas song, but Will stops him. Samantha leaves the room, and Will explains to Marcus that he doesn't want Dr. Lake to know about that song. When Dr. Lake comes back in, Marcus tells her that Will writes for Michael Buble, but Samantha doesn't seems too impressed.

Later outside Will run to Sam and tries to ask her out, but she refuses to ever have sex with him. She does, however, admit that he is attractive, but she just doesn't have the time. That night, Will comes to the hospital to see Sam. Sam apologizes for her bluntness before, and asks Will to sing a song for her. Will sings a song from the band Rivvrs, which Sam happens to listen to. She is impressed by Will's songwriting ability, and accepts Will's invitation for dinner.

Sometime later the two are on their date. After a bit of joking around, the two embark on a paddle boat and go for a ride. The two almost share a kiss, but a police officer, also on a paddle boat, stops them. The two are chased by the "Paddle boat Police."

Next we see Andy and Will discussing Will's perfect girl book he made when he was younger. Will says that Sam checks off every single thing in the book, she is the perfect girl for Will. Andy says Will is in love, which he denies.

Next we see Sam checking Marcus's stitches. When she asks Fiona if anything has been off about Marcus, Fiona says he is a bit constipated. Fiona gets a phone call and leaves the room. Marcus explains Fiona is feeling guilty about Marcus's injury, and is now extremely overprotective. Sam answers that that sounds rough, then immediately asks how Will is doing. Marcus says he is just as amazing as every other day, which prompts Sam to answer that Will is pretty great. Fiona bursts into the room and asks who is great. Marcus says Will. and Sam says that they were really lucky Will was home to bring Marcus to the emergency room. Fiona sarcastically answers that they are lucky to have someone who does absolutely nothing all day long, while she has to work. Sam is confused, and says that she assumed Will was busy writing for Buble and Rivvrs. Fiona is surprised that Will is working, as he hasn't had a job for years, and Sam figures out that Will was lying about writing for Buble and Rivvrs.

Next we see Sam and Will on a date at Will's house. Sam asks Will to sing for her again, and after some persisting, he reluctantly agrees. Will sings about things he sees in the room, and Sam quickly catches on. Will chases after her when she leaves abruptly, and admits he's never written for Buble or Rivvrs, but that he is a songwriter. Sam doesn't believe him and leaves.

Will tries to burn his perfect girl book, but Marcus stops him. When Marcus asks if he's grilling a burger, Will answers that he is metaphorically burning his hopes and dreams. Marcus says Will has found his perfect girl, and that Will is perfect to Marcus because Will let Marcus see the real him. Marcus tells Will that if Sam is really the perfect girl, Sam will love him, flaws and all.

Will goes to the hospital to see Sam. He admits he wrote a Christmas song eight years ago, and hasn't written anything since. He says he's scared he'll fail, and that's why he hasn't written anything. He admits his feelings for Sam, and sings her the Christmas song he wrote. Sam has to leave midway for an emergency, but the patients still dance and singalong, making Will happy.

About a Poker Night[]

In about a poker night she doesn't appear, but she was only mentioned by Will and Marcus. And also she wrote an message to Will.

About a Kiss[]

Sam was working at the hospital and then Marcus called her instead of Will to ask her if she would go with Will to a game night and she said yes. At the game night she was a bit late and she came right when T.J. said that Will is in love with Fiona. She got upset and angry and she left. At the end she came to Will's place to give him a winning belt. She said that it was so cute when he said that he has feeling for her. She hugged him and then they had their first kiss.


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Sam: How's my favourite patient?

Sam:I love you, too. Fiercely, I love you. But I won't keep you from where you're supposed to be.


  • She prefers the A's to the Giants.
  • She is Will's dream girl.
  • She prefers the Niners to the Raiders.
  • She likes Rivvrs.
  • She doesn't like Buble.
  • She doesn't like Bev's coffee.
  • She likes children.
  • She has to work late in her job.


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