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Fiona Bowa
General Information
Full Name: Fiona Bowa
Gender: Female
Age: around 35
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Other Information
Occupation: looking for job
Interests: Planting
Nicknames: Fifi(by Hugh)
Show Information
Portrayed by: Minnie Driver
First appearance: "Pilot"
Latest appearance: "About a Love in the Air"

Fiona Bowa is one of the main characters in the series, About a Boy. She is portrayed by Minnie Driver.


Fiona is a needy single mom. She is a very strict mom. It is often mentioned that she is vegan, although she seems to actually be vegetarian as she consistently eats dairy and eggs (ex. she strains cheese curds in "About a Poker Night" and eats quiche in "About a Hammer"). She has only one child, Marcus, who she is taking care all by herself. She was once married and then got divorced. Fiona likes to take care of flowers and doesn't like her new neighbor, Will. Fiona played poker in her young age at a university. She also confessed that she drank a lot of alcohol back then. 

Physical Appearance[]

Fiona has brown hair and green eyes. She is medium height slim woman. She is a vegan and she is very protective of her son..

Character History[]


Fiona is first shown moving in with Marcus into a neighborhood next to Will. Later when Will is grilling at the backyard she comes to him and asks him if he can turn the music off so she can meditate, because that helps


her with depression. When Marcus asks Will to come to dinner one day so he can make his mother fell better he comes. At the dinner, Fiona sings with Marcus What Makes You Beautiful. At the table, it is shown that Fiona eats healthy food and that she is a vegan and she is depressed. When Will and Marcus make fun of her food she starts to cry and gets sad, because she needs to do everything by herself.

Later when Fiona finds out that Will asked Marcus to pretend to be his son, she gets really mad at him and accuses him that he forced Marcus to eat ribs. She gets really mad and says that Marcus and Will can't be friends anymore. Later at the school talent show, Fiona is really happy to see Marcus perform.

About Total Exuberance[]

Fiona first comes into Will house and she sees Jenny and she mistakes her with Dakota and she says hi to her. When she comes into Will's house she gently asks him if he can babysit Marcus so she can go to a job interview. She tried to onvince him to babysit in every way, but he doesn't acept it, but then he does when


Marcus asks him. Later she comes to Will's house all bossy and all and she tells him everything that he can't do with Marcus. She also tells him that she sended him her rasime that she is gonna show to the job interviewer. But Will tells him that sometimes she needs to lie if she wants to get the job. She told him that Goerge Washintong was a rebel and othe miesbach hopf r stuff and she also told him that she never lied to anyone. Then she started to pick things from Will's room that he can't do with Marcus(alckohol, video games...). Then when Marcus came she askde Will why is he in a swimming suit and he told her that he lived throught a total exuberance.

Then she asked Will if she can talk with him in private. They went inside Will's house and they talked in the kitchen, but then someone called Will on his phone and she told him that he needs to put that person on hold and she told Will that she lied that he is the founder on the CEO company and that he needs to say some good stuff about her, and then he did and Fiona was very thankful to him.

About a Godfather[]

Fiona was walking into her house and she saw Will which was really mad, because no one didn't want to go bowling with him. And than he wanted to ask her if Marcus can go, but she thought that he wanted to ask her, so she said that she can't go. Then Andy came to Will's house and he knocked really hard, but then Fiona came past and she told him that he is not at home and that he took Marcus bowling. Whilr she was talking to


him she was drinking vino. And then Andy wanted to drink it to, so she invited him over.

In the house Fiona and Andy were drinking a lot, and they got drunk. Fiona was coloring her toe nails and then she wanted to get something from the shelf, but she told Andy that it needs to get fixed, and than he fixed fro her. Then when Will and Marcus came home, Fiona and Andy were already good friends and were drinking even more. But then Andy left and Fiona stayed alone. Next day Will was talking to Fiona and he was telling her how Andy is a bad friends, but then Fiona told him that he is actually a bad friend, because he doesn't care about Andy's children. 

About a Girl[]

Fiona was sitting in her living room with a bunch of other moms in a circle. She was in charge of a circle talk. She was holding a talking stick and she was presenting it to other moms. Then she started to talk how her son is alone and that he is not feeling good at school and then she said that there's a big birthday party and she started to talk how at Marcus's last school they had a habit that they all invited each other to birthday parties, hoping that Marcus would get invited to Hannah's party. But then everyone started to make fun of that. So later when they left she was angry and she said to them bugeroff. Then she saw that Dakota is still at her house and she said that she is gonna have a glass and then Dakota joined her. Later Fiona was doing jogga with Dakota.

Hours later Fiona came to Marcus's school, because she got a message that he did something. Then when Hannah's mother came she went to talk with her and she told her that Marcus would like to come to Hannah's


party and if she could invite him. After school Fiona went to Will's house very angry and she jailed at him that he gave his son a bad edvice to get a girl. Then when Will told him that he gave the edvice only so he can get a girl she didn't want to believe him.

On the evening when Marcus was getting ready for the party Fiona was nitting and she asked him if she could give him a advice but he said no. At the party Fiona tried to than Will for being their neighbour but he told and showed to her how is Marcus not getting along with their schoolmates. And then they made plan how to stop Marcus from embaresing himself. Then when Dakota called Hannah to bathroom there was already Fiona waiting her. She tried to ask her if she could dance with Marcus. Then when Marcus asked Hannah she looked away, cus she tought that she would say yes. But then she looked when Marcus was dancing with Hannah anyway.

About a Plumber[]

Fiona was first in her kitchen doing something with blucker. She was trying to fix her sink. Then Will came and she started to talk with him. When he started to complain how Marcus thinks that he is going to be his father. She told him that he is actually acting like a father to Marcus, and that's the reason that he thinks that he will be


his father. She told him that he only thinks about sex and that she is not like that and that when normal people get a child they pt their sexual mode to a pause. Then Will asked her how much time was she on pause. She told him that it was since Marcus's father 11 years ago. She told him that he needs to stop acting like a fether and more like a neighbour.

Later Fiona and Dakota were in Fiona's living room doing jogga. Fiona was telling and teaching Dakota how to do it. Then she asked Dakota if it is wrong if she hasn't been having sex for 11 years. Dakota was really surprised and she told her that she will get her back into dating game.Then Fiona stared to tell her cute gyus she knows and she said that her plumber is not so bad. And right after that Fiona called him and he got fastly to her ouse. There Fiona started to flirt with him and then she got a date with him.

In the evening Fiona came to Marcus's room and she tried to tell him that she got a date, but Marcus didn't understnd her and he thought that it was Will who she got date with. Later Lou came to Fiona's house to pick


her up. She then came downstairs and she told him that he looks great. When she saw that Marcus wasn't happy that they are going on a dter when they tried to hug each other she saw Marcus and she fastly gave Lou a hand instead a hug.

On a date Fiona wasn't haveing much fun. She and Lou had nothing in comment. She tried to startd a conversation by saying that those pipes are lovley, but Lou didn't like them. Then Fiona told him that in England a Lou means toilet, so his name is toilet. Then when Marcus came and he started to talk very loud she tried to calm him down and then she left. In the evening she came with Will into Marcus's room and they explain to hm that they will never get married.

About a Buble[]

Fiona was for the first time shown at her work. She was answering the calls. Then Marcus called her and she was so releaved, because he told her that he arived safley. She started to talk about how he needs to take care of himself and that she is sorry, because she needs to work that much. Hour later Fiona came to the hospital as fastly as she could so she can see her little baby and calm him down. She was so over reacting, seh thought that he will need blood, but he was just fine. Later Marcus called her and it was only mentioned her name. In the house she was on the computer on videochat with his son, she said that that way they can be


together all time and she also told him that she cut orangese for him and that she hid all the knifes.

Next day Fiona was with Marcus in the hospital holding him and when Sam asked how is he feeling she said instead of Marcus that he is a bit constepated.Then she got a phone call and she went on a side to talk to the costumer. When she came back she heard Sam saying that Will is great and then she asked who is great. When Marcus told that they have been dreaming who to be next to they didn't except Will, but then Fiona said that he i so lazy and that she needs to work and then shesaid that he hasn't been writting a song for seven years. 

At her work she was watchind Marcus studying and doing homework. But then she saw that he is on a lupe and she started to panic and she thought that it is something wrong with him and she wanted to go home, but then Will and Marcus came to her work to tell her that Marcus is ok and that he doens't like when she is to protective, and then Fiona got mad at Will because he took Marcus out of the house.

About a Poker Night[]

Fiona came to Will's house with bags, suitcases and all other things. She startd to talk to Marcus, but Will was blocking her way. But then she told Will that why is he trying to hide his poker table. Will was scared that Fiona would get angry, but she actually said that she doesn't oppose Marcus learning poker, but that she thinks that the peron teaching him should be quilificated. Then she went up to Marcus and startd to talk to him, how he


should call her if he needs anything, and then she startd to show him pyjamas that she prepared and she told him what she packed, before she left she helped Marcus win poker against Will.

Hours later Fiona drove Marcus to Jackson's house to his first sleepover. She was a bit nervous, because this is going to be the first time that they are gonna spend appart. Before Marcus left she told him that he shold call her if he needs anything and then Marcus left and she said goodbye to him and she then left. At her home she was so bored and she tried to do everything:sing, dance, listen to music, nit... but it wasn't any fun. 

Later she went outisde to meditate infront of buda. Then TJ(Will's friend came) to pi outisde but he pied on her laund and she said hy and asked him if he's doing that. When he asked her what is she doing she told him that she is meditatin. Then she told him that she is bored and TJ invited her to Will's poker night. She first said no, but then she changed he mind and she said yes.

Then Fiona entered Will's house for poker and she was smiling and she was glad that she found something to do. When she saw Andy she greted him and gave him a high five. Later they were all playing poker and Fiona was good at it and she was having fun. When Richard asked Will if he has something to eat Fiona said back that she gave some hummus in his fridge. And the guys all went to eat it, but only Fiona and Will


stayed and Will startd to tell Fiona how she ruined his poker night. When Richard got a back grab Fiona quickly stayed up and she hold him and showed to him to do jogga so his back won't hurt. And then all guys except Will joined her.

Later Fiona was already a bit drunk and she was telling the guys since when was she playing poker. Then TJ brought wiski and they startd to drink. Then Andy said that they should make Fiona a permenate diller and they all agreed but Will didn't. Will then said to Fiona that she could go home and that is not his foult that her only friend is her son and Fiona got upset and she went home. There she dren with TJ and Richard. Then she got a phone call that Marcus wants her to pick him up, because his scared. Then she went to Will for help and he drove her there. There she didn't want to talk infront of Marcus, because she was drunk, then Will talked to him. Then they left and Fiona went outside to vomit.

About a Slopmaster[]

Fiona was with Marcus in their living room and she was painting a mini-society sign for Marcus's school and she was excited to go to his school and volunteer. When she heard Will screaming she and Marcus ran to see what's going on. When Will was telling Marcus that he gets a lot of money if his song gets played she told Marcus


that money doesn't do everything and when Will opened the envelope and screamed because of a lot of money she said bloody hell meaning that money isn't inportant.

The next day Fiona was again organazing signs for her mini socety. She was telling Marcus what he can be for mini socety. When Marcus got excited by he king she looked at him badly and she couldn't believe that Marcus wants money so much. Hours later Fiona was at school taking papers of the box and asigning everyone their duty in British Socitey Game. When Marcus came with another girl and only king and slopmaster stayed she grabbed a papaer on which was a king for Marcus, but when she saw how he was thinking about the money she switched the card with slopmaster. Later Fiona was in the kitchen cleaning and she was talking to Marcus. She the started to tell him how he can earn money by cleaning and doing good job.

The next day Fiona was in school watching kids being in mini-society and looking at Marcus cleaning. Later she came into Marcus's room to check on him ans she made him a muffin. When Will knocked on their dumbwaiter she went with Marcus to see what's going on and she saw that Will bought Marcus an IPad and she was angry.  Hours later Fiona was freaking out and going back to school, because she find out that one child at mini-society has been coping money to buy stuff on a shop. Later when WIll tried to bribe Fiona to have her parking place she said that he only thinks that money can do everything, but then she told him that it can't.

At school Fiona made a trap for a money printing thief and bought a pie that only a king can buy it. When she saw that it was Marcus her child she got upset and disappointed. At the end Fiona came to Marcus's room and talkied to him. Then she gave him a punishment to scrabe gum of chairs.

About a Kiss[]


About a Boy's Dad

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About a Birthday Party[]

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About a Hammer[]

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About a Rib Chute[]

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Season 1[]


Marcus Bowa[]

Marcus is Fiona's son. The have an unusually close mother-son relationship; similar to that of Norma Bates and her son from the Bate's Motel, as Will mentioned. They are extremely close and usually hang out together, entertaining themselves with hippie oddities that a normal person would grimace at. She cares very deeply for the boy and misses the negativity she is bringing into his life by showing her deep affection in public, usually near other kids. 

Will Freeman[]

Fiona's unemployed neighbor who acts as a father figure towards Marcus. Throughout the series, Fiona and Will's relationship escalates and takes many different turns. From outside point of view, their strange relationship is viewed that of a family but both are reluctant to admit their attractions toward each other and mask it with insults. Although she does not approve of the many influences that he had on her son, Fiona admitted that Will helped her and her son grow ever since they've become neighbors. On the season 2 finale, the two finally express their feelings through a heated mini makeout session on the bleachers of the middle school after the dance.

TJ TJ is one of Will's friends and former band mates. Fiona and TJ meet during a poker night hosted by Will while Marcus is away at a sleepover at his mate's house. TJ shows obvious attraction towards her and is not shy to blatantly flirt with her. The attraction seemed to be mutual for a little while until Will exposed that Fiona is seen as a conquest for TJ.


  • She is a vegan.
  • She likes honesty.
  • Fiona really wants a good job.
  • She likes drinking vino.
  • She is a good dancer.
  • She likes to talk.
  • She loves Marcus.
  • She never lied.
  • She is good friends with Dakota.
  • She plays a good poker game.
  • She often prays in front of a buddha.
  • When she was at a university, she played poker.
  • She got drunk in episode About a Poker Night.


Fiona: You don't know you're beautiful. (singing with Marcus)
Fiona: Where's Marcus?
Fiona: Wait, you're sweeping.
Fiona: Mmm, have you?
Fiona: Put it on hole, put it on hole!!


Fiona: (to WIll) Oh trouble in paradise.


Fiona: (to Marcus) That is great, now you can wear it to school tommorow.


Fiona: (to Will) Excuse me. Oh, how nice to see your clothes.


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