You are not my thing on so many levels, but it—it's like, you know, when you see a movie, you're totally not into it, but you understand that it's—that it's an awesome movie. Like The English Patient. You know, I think—I think you're my English Patient.
Fiona and Will
General Information
Characters Shipped: Fiona Bowa and Will Freeman
Status: Frenemies
Portrayed By: Minnie Driver and David Walton

Fiona and Will is a pairing between Fiona Bowa and Will Freeman. They are somesort of frenemies.

Other NamesEdit

  • Fill (Fiona/Will)
  • Fiol (Fiona/Will)
  • Wiona (Will/Fiona)
  • Wilna (Will/Fiona)


Season 1Edit


  • They first met, Will was withouth pants and Fiona said that they should talk when he would have them on.
  • Later she came to his garden and asked him if he can barbecue inside, so she can mediate.
  • At the dinner at Fiona's house they start to fight, because Will makes fun of Fiona's food.
  • Then when Fiona find out that Will forced Marcus to pretend to be his son she got mad at him.

About a Total Exuberance

  • TBA

Similarities and DifferencesEdit


  • They are both adults.
  • They both care for Marcus.


  • Fiona is a female, Will is a male.
  • Will loves meat, while Fiona hates it.
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