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You are not my thing on so many levels, but it—it's like, you know, when you see a movie, you're totally not into it, but you understand that it's—that it's an awesome movie. Like The English Patient. You know, I think—I think you're my English Patient.
Will to Fiona in About a Duck.
Fiona and Will
General Information
Characters Shipped: Fiona Bowa and Will Freeman
Status: Frenemies
Portrayed By: Minnie Driver and David Walton

Fiona and Will is a pairing between Fiona Bowa and Will Freeman. They are sort of frenemies. They both care for Marcus and share a mutual goal to raise him right, even though Will is only Marcus' neighbor.

Other Names[]

  • Fill (Fiona/Will)
  • Fiol (Fiona/Will)
  • Wiona (Will/Fiona)
  • Wilna (Will/Fiona)


Season 1[]


  • They first met, Will was without pants and Fiona said that they should talk when he would have them on.
  • Later she came to his garden and asked him if he can barbecue inside, so she can meditate.
  • At the dinner at Fiona's house they start to fight, because Will makes fun of Fiona's food.
  • Then when Fiona finds out that Will forced Marcus to pretend to be his sons she gets mad at him.

About Total Exuberance

  • Fiona stops by Will's place to ask if he can babysit Marcus. As she's coming in she mistakes a woman leaving Will's as Dakota and comments, "Gosh you really have a type, don't you?"
  • Will makes fun of Fiona, because she calls her résumé a CV and has nontraditional experiences.
  • After getting yelled at by Fiona for taking Marcus to a party with video hoes, Will asks Fiona for an apology when he learns she lied to a potential employer about her work history. Fiona admits Marcus may need to experience and Will pretends to be the fictitious founder of the company Fiona made up.
  • Later, as Will starts to seal the dumbwaiter hole, he smiles when he sees Marcus and Fiona celebrating her getting the job.

About a Godfather

  • When Will can't find a friend to go bowling with him, he begins to suggest Marcus when Fiona interrupts and shoots him down, assuming he's about to ask her. She looks a tad embarrassed when he reveals he meant Marcus all along.
  • Fiona convinces Will that he has a one-sided friendship with Andy. He then goes to Andy and attempts to accept the role of godfather to Andy and Laurie's youngest son.

About a Girl

  • While Dakota and Fiona are doing yoga in the backyard, Will tries to get Dakota's attention by working on his motorcycle without a shirt on. Fiona compares his behavior to the annoyance of a leaf blower.
  • When arguing about Marcus getting in trouble at school, Fiona has no comeback for Will so she yells at him to put a shirt on next time he works on his hog—obviously more distracting than a leaf blower.

About a Plumber

  • Will comes to Fiona after Marcus starts to believe Will is going to be his dad and start dating his mother. Fiona is apparently appalled at the idea and says "I'd never date you. Ever." Fiona blames Will for Marcus having these thoughts, because Will has been acting like a father figure.
  • Will is surprised when Fiona admits she's been on sexual pause since Marcus' dad. He asks, for Marcus' emotional well-being and his own safety, "will you please get laid!"
  • While trying to explain that she is going on a date with a man, Marcus' mistakes the 'third party pea' in Fiona's metaphor as Will. Later at Will's place, he explains to Marcus that he likes Fiona, but not in that way.
  • During Fiona's date with Lou, Will chases Marcus into the restaurant who is yelling out about intercourse. Fiona automatically knows Will is to blame and starts to get angry, which causes Lou to mistake Will as Marcus' father. The 'family' conflict scares Lou away as Fiona and Will bicker.
  • As the two fight outside their homes, Will realizes he's attached to Marcus. The two go to Marcus' room and explain that while they care about him a lot, they are never getting married. Ever. Ever.

About a Buble

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About a Poker Night

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About a Slopmaster

Similarities and Differences[]


  • They are both adults.
  • They both care for Marcus.


  • Fiona is a female, Will is a male.
  • Will loves meat, while Fiona hates it.
  • Will dates around a lot and Fiona hasn't been with anyone since Marcus' dad.