Hugh Wople
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Over 35's
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Other Information
Occupation: Penguin researcher
Interests: Penguins
Show Information
Portrayed by: Tony Hale
Appears in: "About a Boy's Dad"

Hugh Womple is a guest character in series About a Boy.


Hugh is a over 35 aged man who's hobby are penguins, that's why he is also living in Antartica so he can be a penguin researcher. He is a medium height man and he is also very slim and has brown eyes and brown hair. He is not a very atlethic man, but he is more like a scientist. He puts his work before his son, so he sees him only twice a year. He is in love with Fiona and calls her Fifi.


About a Boy's DadEdit

Hugh came to visit from Antartica to see Fiona and his son. When Marcus ran to him and hugged him Hugh wasn't really inpresed and he didn't actually hug him for real. When Marcus asked him is he has a present for him Hugh gave him airplane penauts, forgoting that Marcus is alergic. Later he was already showing pictures of penguins to Marcus, Will and Fiona. In the evening  he was sleeping at Will's house, because Fiona was scared that she would have sex with him. He was slepping in a sofa but wasn't comfotable so he went into Will's bed. When Will saw him he sreamed at him and told him that he should hang out more with Marcus and the next day Hugh was with Marcus catching sun. But when Fiona told Hugh that Hugh started to play baseball with Marcus. The next day when it was day of the match Hugh got a call that his favorite penguin is in trouble he went back to Antartica.


  • He is Marcus's dad.
  • He is a pengin researcher.
  • He lives in Antartica.
  • He doesn't care about Marcus much.
  • He is not a sports man.


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