General Information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Other Information
Interests: TBA
Show Information
Portrayed by: Annie Mumolo
First appearance: "About a Godfather"

Laurie is one of the main/minor characters in series About a Boy. She's portrayed by Annie Mumolo.


She is a really responsible and good mother to her three children: Madison, Alex and Jonah. Laurie is a very strict and she is always angry. She doesn't like Will at all, because she thinks he is really irresponsible, and immature.

Character HistoryEdit

About a GodfatherEdit

Laurie was first shown taking care of her children with Andy her husband. She was really angry, because Madison wasn't sleeping. And when Will asked her if she can shout down crying she was angry too. Later when Will came to ask if he can be Jonah's godfather anyway, she was angry again and she told him that they already found someone else to be Jonah's godfather. Then when Will told her that Andy spent evening with Fiona
she was really surprised. Later Will came again to asked if he can babysit kids, she didn't want that, because she thinks he is really responsible. But then she got convinced by Andy. Hours later, when Will was babysitting she gave him all notes he needs to know about babies. On the end when Will was talking his speech as godfather when he leave, she screamed behind him and she was angry.

About a BubleEdit

She was with Andy her husband at her home. She was cleaning the house and at the same time listening to Will's blufing about how great is Samantha. When he said that she is his dream girl Laurie said that she has a PGD and that she is never going to date him and that she is smart and that she doesn't date men like Will.



  • She is Andy's wife.
  • She appears to be a good mother.
  • She owns a deep dislike towards Will.
  • She often cleans her house.


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