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General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Over 35's
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Other Information
Occupation: Attorney (posiblly)
Interests: Business
Nicknames: Rich (posiblly)
Show Information
Portrayed by: Keith Powell
First appearance: "About a Poker Night"

Richard is one of the reccuring characters in series About a Boy.


About a Poker Night[]

Richard came to Will's poker night, a bit late, becuase he was at work. When he wanted to sit he told Will that he has some back problems, so he asked him if he has a special seat or anything. When Will told that he would get a lumbre support pilow, Richard said no need and that he brought his own. Then Richard was sitting at the poker table and he was only listening and saying maybe some words with guys. Later when TJ said that he is going to the bathroom, Richard said that no he is going first. When Fiona came Richard was in the kitchen trying to eat something. Later they were all including Richard eating some humus.

Later Richard got a back crunch and he couldn't even stand still. But then Fiona helped him with jogga, adn he lay down and do jogga with Fiona. When Fiona said that Will's friends seems to like her Richard said that she's right and that she is great. When Will made Fiona leav then Richard left too, because he thought that it won't be fun anymore.


  • He works in an office.
  • He drives with taxi.
  • He often wears smoking.
  • He has a back problem.
  • He never dis jogga before.
  • He thinks that Fiona is cool.
  • He likes humus.


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