"Season 2"
Episodes ?
Premiere Airdate: October 14, 2014
Finale Airdate: Spring 2015
Season Chronology
Previous Season: "Season 1"
Next Season: "TBA"
Season 2 of About a Boy was renewed on May 9, 2014.[1] It will premiere on October 14, 2014. It will air as regular on Tuesday, but half hour later at 9.30.[2]


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# Image Title First aired
1 Aa About A Vasectomy October 14, 2014
After a surprising royalty check, Will returns to San Francisco to sort out his financial troubles, eventually coming to learn from his advisor that somebody is claiming to have co-written Runaway Sleigh; Marcus claims to have made some new friends, but Will discovers they are being less than friendly to the boy.
2 Aa About A House For Sale October 21, 2014
Will wrestles with selling his house to get out of almost-certain financial ruin and decides to help Marcus find a new friend; Fiona tries her hand at home improvement by converting the dumbwaiter.
3 Aa About A Will-O-Ween October 28, 2014
Will decides to throw a Halloween party despite his financial situation; Fiona hits it off with a British man dressed as Sherlock Holmes and experiences her first sugar rush; since they are both having a hard time at the party, Will and Marcus decide to break the curse of bad Halloweens.
4 Aa About A Bad Girl November 4, 2014
Marcus develops a crush on a girl named Shea who is rough around the edges, to the point where he takes the fall for one of her infractions; when Fiona finds out, she bans him from having anything to do with her and expects Will (who recently signed on as Marcus's emergency contact) to uphold the ban, which proves easier said than done.
5 Aa About an Angry Ex November 11, 2014
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