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You're a sweet, smart, honest, just wonderful kid, but unfortunately those qualities repel women.
— Will to Marcus
Will Freeman
General Information
Full Name: William Freeman
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Other Information
Occupation: None
Interests: TV Show
Nicknames: Will
William(full name)
Wet Willie (by Fiona)
  • Father who wrote a Christmas song that makes Will finacially independant
Show Information
Portrayed by: David Walton
First appearance: "Pilot"

Will Freeman is one of the main characters in the series, About a Boy. He's portrayed by David Walton.


Will Freeman is a free spirited man child. He is quite a charmer with the ladies, and has been knohe single parent of a cancer-ridden child, a songwriter-just to woo women. He's lighthearted and easygoing, and is scared of commitment, which causes him to run when relationships get too serious. When Will moves next to Marcus, Marcus becomes attached to Will but Will is wary of the child, afraid he will be dragged down. Eventually the two bond over ribs (Marcus' Sex Fiona would freak if she knew!) and becomes best friends. Marcus starts to see Will as a father figure, despite his aloof personality. Marcus ships romantically his mother and Will, but they tell him that's not ever happening, despite how close Will and Fiona become as friends.

Physical Appearance[]

Will is a successful songwriter and bachelor. He is a very tall handsome man of 34 and has brown eyes. Will has a very slim and athletic figure. He usually wears a shirt that is black or brown. He usually wears cool clothes, shirt, trousers and shoes. Will is a good singer and he can play piano and cello.


Will is a nice and friendly guy, but he is very free-thinking. He likes women and enjoys flirting with every woman he meets. Will is also a great liar. He lied to Dakota, saying that he had a son named Jonah with leukemia, just to impress her. As on the outside Will looks like a lazy, non working man, who does not have heart, but in side he is a very friendly, nice and just wonderful person. He also has feeling that he explore in episode when he met Sam his new soul mate, continued in S2. 

Character History[]

In the Pilot episode Will  drives with Andy his best friend in a tram. He tries to feed Andy's son Jonah with a bottle of milk. But instead of take care of the child he sees a  woman with a celo and he jumps out of the tram and walks  to the woman whose name is Dakota. He starts to flirt with her and lies to her that he's a single parent to a kid called Jonah. Then he goes with Dakota in a single parent's circle meeting. There he lies how his son Jonah was sick and that he had leukemia. Later on it's shown  how he and Dakota make out at his house already, but when she needs to leave and Will runs naked after her to get her phone number he sees  Marcus and Fiona his new neighbors outside and tells them how nice  the neigborhood is and that they will have fun. 

Later Will is grilling outside and Fiona comes and tells him to turn the music off, but he doesn't want to. When Marcus knocks his door, Will doesn't open the door at first, but when he sees bullies chasing Marcus he
tells him that he can come in. Then in the house Will tells Marcus that he's expecting someone(Dakota). When she comes he lies that Marcus is Jonah and hugs him and acts that Marcus is his son. Later when Marcus comes again Will owes him a dinner and he gives him ribs and jucie from the bottle. Then days pass and Will and Marcus become good friends and they play ping pong and do stuff. Then next day when Marcus comes Will already has a plan and when Marcus comes to him, they sprinkle the bullies with water. Then when  Marcus invites him for dinner, Will comes and listens to Marcus and Fiona sing, and he says that it was good, but actually thinking how bad it was. When he comes to dinner he lies that the food that Fiona eats is good, but  actually he didn't like it and he makes Fiona mad, becuase he laughs at her food. 

Later when Dakota comes Will goes to get Marcus so he can pretend to be his son again. But Fiona finds out and she tells it to Dakota and she leaves him. Days after Will remember that Marcus has a talent show so he went to it and helps Marcus  have a great preformance by playing piano. In the end he tells Marcus that he's his friend.
About Total Exuberance Will is sleeping in the bed, but he is not alone, Jenny is with him. Then when he hears that is someone downstairs, he pick ups a golf stick and goes with Jenny downstairs. He claims that he is armed. Then when a picture comes out of his printer he sees right away that it is Marcus who did that. When Marcus came out of the dumbwaiter he said that they were BFF's, but Will said that they were not. Later when Fiona came and asked him if he can babysitt, he said that he can't babysit. But when Marcus asked him nicely he said yes.

Later at Andy's place Will was talking to Andy about how he doesn't want to babysit and he was looking for excuses to back out of babysitting. Then it is shown that  Will is playing video games at his house and Fiona came to tell him how he can't give Marcus nuts, alchohol, etc... Will tells her that at her interview she should lie to get the job.

While Will is babysiting, Andy comes over to tell him that Lil Jon is hosting a pool party and that they are
invited so Will gets excited, but then remembers that he needs to babysit Marcus and tells Andy that he can't go. Then when Marcus tells him that they should go together, Will decides that they should go.  

At the party Will makes a deal with Marcus that they will make eyecontact every 15 minutes and then in an hour that they will meet and not  tell Fiona about it. Will was having a great time, but Marcus wasn't. He was drinking, flirting with other women and having the time of his life, but he wasn't watching Marcus, but when he didn't saw him he asked other people, but then he saw a good looking women and started flirting with her.

Later when he saw Marcus at the big diving board he went to him and helped him from falling down into the pool, but then he told him that he came to the party with a goal and that he's gonna jump and should jump and he did and Will jumped with him. On the end he helped Fiona get the job.
About a Godfather Will first comes to Andy's house so they can go and have a boys night out. When he comes he sees how are the kids naughty and don't listen to Andy. Then he says to Andy that they need to go to the boys night out and then he lives so he can prepare his car so they can go. Later at Will's car he is driving and he is so excited that they are going bowling. But then Andy gets a phone call that Madison can't puppy withouth him. And when Andy tolds him that he needs to go Will gets upset and he says to Andy that he always bails on him. And when he asks him if he can leave and that it will only take an hour Will didn't want to stop the car, but then Andy jumped out anyway.

Later is shown how is Will phoning every his friend, but they all can't go with him bowling. So when Fiona comes and sees him despereate Will asks her if Marcus can go with him Bowling. Later when Marcus was bowling Will was only watching and not having fun, cus he was watching how Marcus can't bowl. All the time Will was talking about Andy. Then at the bowling alley Will was ordering alchohol and food. When Marcus said that he doesn't want it Will said that they are famous for alchohol. 

Hours later Will and Marcus come to Marcus's house, cus Will brought him home. There they saw Fiona and Andy drinking and sitting at the sofa. Will was fastly thinking that there's something going on with them, but
then they said that is nothing. The next day was Will complaining to Fiona how andy is a bad friend and how he bails on him always. Then when Fiona tells him that he is actuallly a bad friend he then went to Andy's house and asked him if he can be Jonah's godfather, even dawl he said no before. Then when they said no that they already find someone else, he got upset and told Laurie that Andy was spending a evening with Fiona drinking. 

Next day Will and Andy were walking outside and talking and Andy got upset and he told Will that he is not a good friend and that he always thinks about himself. Later Marcus and Will were talking and playing table footbal. Will was talking only about Andy and Marcus then went away. Next day will went to Andy's house and offered babysitting to their kids. At the evening he was babysitting and watching TV with kids. Later he sticked little papers with names on kids faces so he can remember them. While watching cartoons Madison needed to pup. At the bathroom Will helped her pup, by holding her hand and singing. When Andy and Laurie saw that they wanted Will to be Jonah's godfather. So later he was reading a note and Andy was filming it. But then he went away, cus he thought it was stupid.
About a Girl Will was with Marcus in his house and they were talking about Marcus's crush. Will tried to help Marcus by telling him what to fo to get a girl. Then he told him that he is new in school and that no one knows him yet. Meanwhile Dakota came and Will fastly knew that something sexy and goergus is coming. And he went outisde to flirt with Dakota, but she shout him down. Then Marcus came back to his house and he told him that is over and that they were both rejected by their soul mates, but Will told him that Dakota isn't actually his soul mate. And when Marcus asked him nicley to teach him what to do with a girl, then Will told him that he needs to be a bad boy. So when Dakota came one more time he went outisde and  went to his backyard and he was shrtles and he was flirting with Dakota.

The next day when Fiona came in so she can yale at him because he told Marcus to be a bad boy, Will told her that he just wanted to help him get a girl. And then Fiona left. Right after that Marcus called Will and he went to
him and when Marcus showd him an invitation to Hannah's party Will looked at it. Hours later Will went to Andy's place and he told him how wad Fiona mad at him and how is not fair, because he helped Marcus. And he also told him that he can't make Dakota like him, and that he needs to have sex with her. 

Later Will tried to get Dakota to sleep with him so he went to her place to her door, and he knocked on and when she didn't open he started to tell her how he can't think anymore and how he has feeling for her. But then when another lady opened the door she said that she is gonna call the police, but behind it was Dakota listening to him and he grabed him and she took him to her apartment and she wanted to have sex with him, but then she told WIll that one girl called one boy Piucus and they know that it was about Marcus. And then they went to Hannah's party so they could stop him from embarase himself. Then at the party Will tried to distract Marcus but then he went away and he tired to bribe the DJ so he would play a slow song. But on the end he was happy to watch Marcus dance with Hannah.
About a Plumber Will was playing with Marcus outisde the house. They were playing badminton. Will was really trying to win and he was winning, but then Marcus scored his first point and Will got really happy for him. But when Marcus mentioned that maybe Fiona, he and Will could get a dog Will got fastly to Marcus and he gave him a life lesson that they don't live together and that a land is tering them appart and that they will never live together and that Will will never be with Fiona. 

Then right after that converstion with Marcus Will went to Fiona and he was angry when he steeped into her
house. There he told her that Marcus thinks that him and she are going to be a couple and that they are gonna get married. Then Fiona told him that he is also too in a sexual mode , and then she told him that when normal peope get a child they put their sexual mode into a pause. Then Will asked her how much time hasn't she slept with a madn and then figure it out that since Marcus's dad. And he got really surprised. But then Fiona send him staright that he is acting like a father, because he is hanging out with him too much. But than Will confesed that he got atacted to him.

Later Will was making grilled meat with Andy. But when Marcus came along he told him that he doesn't like that they hang out that much and that they should act more like neighbours. And then he even refuse to play badminton with Marcus. In the evening Marcus came to Will's place thinking that he is going on a date with Fiona, but he was doing a far thing from that. He was having sex with a girl. But then later he was already
waiting for another girls named Shasta. But then Marcus came to his place. Will told Marcus that they won't get a dog and that he and his mother will never be together. And then Will gave Marcus a life lesson about sex and sexual things. Later after a fw minutes Will stopped giving Marcus a life lesson and he opened door for Shasta that came to him for sex.

Later at the restaurant Will ran behind Marcus, to stop him from telling Fiona that Will told him about sex. Will was fighting with Fiona. Later on the end Fiona and Will went together to Marcus's bedroom to tell him that they will never be together ever. But when Marcus said goodnight dad, godnight mom he got a bit angry, but then he understood that it was a joke.
About a Buble Will was outside throwing his trash out and then he saw Marcus. And he started to talk to him. When Marcus told him that he finally got his own house key, Will started to ask him if he's gonna rock all night or kiss babes, but then he only said that he is joking. Later Will was careing Marcus to the mergency, becuase he stabbed himself by acident. He was jailing and running and then he saw a doctor and he said that Marcus needs one, but then he saw a beautiful woman and he run to her and he asked her if she can take care of Marcus. When she asked him what's his name insted of telling Marucs's name he said himselfs.

After Samantha take care of Marcus she said that it is a good thing that his dad was at home, Will fastly said that he is not his dad and that he's just a neighbourh, a single neighbour. Then when Sam asked what he does for living Marcus started to talk that he is a songwtitter, but Will said that Sam doesn't want to hear that thing. When someone called Sam Will fastly told Marcus that he needs to be quiet and that he can't talk in
front of her about his songwritting. After that Will followed Sam and he asked her if she has a sec, but then he asked her out, she said no and that she is not gonna have sex with him.

Hours later Will was telling Andy about how Sam is perfect for him. But then Andy's wife Laurie said that she is never going to be with him, and Will said that that's not true. In the evening Will was already waiting for Sam in a patient room. She thought that he is here to sing for her, so he sand for her. Then she regognize that song and they started to talk about the bend that it is singing it. Then Will asked her out again and then she said yes.

Later Will and Sam were on a date. They were talking and then Will saw that she is the right person for him, she likes everything that he does. Then they went to a rid on a padle boats and when they almost kissed a cop saw them and he  started to follow them and then they run off. 

The next day Will showed to Andy a notebook that he had from fifth grade. It was a book in which were
written all thing that Will's perfect needs to have and what does not have to have. Will told Andy that Sam is amazin and that she is perfect. When Marcus came to Will about how he is locked in his own house withouth freedom, and Will told him that he needs to tell her how he fells and he then started to talk about Sam.

In the evening Sam came to Will's place and he was inpresed, because she was wearing hot clothes. When she asked him if he can play a song for her Will didn't know what to play so he started to sing the thing that he saw. Then Sam told him that she knows about him not writting for Buble. Then Will ran to her and ho told her the truth that he never wrote for Buble. Later Will tried to burn his Perfect Girl Notebook, but Marcus stopped him and he told him that he can win her over. Later Will came to the hospital and he sang a song that he wrote to Sam and all the patients were dacing and Sam was smiling to him.
About a Poker Night

Will was sitting with Marcus at his home around poker table. He was teaching and playing poker with Marcus. He was watching his phone, because he was waiting for Dr. Sam to call him. But then Marcus told him that it is starting to become depresing, because he is watching his phone all the time. But Will answered him that Dating is a game and that Sam is playing it really good. Then he said that when in the evening when his
friends come to the poker night, he won't even think about Sam. Then Marcus told him that he is going on his first sleepover party and Will said to him that that is awesome and then he asked him who's throwing this "partey". When Fiona cam to tell Marcus what she prepared for his sleepover party Will tried to hide that he is teaching Marcus poker, but then Fiona find out anyway. When she told him that she is ok with that he was really impresed, becasue he thought that she is into poker. When Fiona told Marcus to call her if he will have any problems on the party, Will fastly said that he shouldn't call her.

Later people started to come to his poker night. Andy was already there, and then Will went to open the door and then TJ entered his friend.Will was really happy and he couldn't wait to get this party started. Then Will told TJ that he will take his money, proud and that he won't take his shirt, because it doesn't match his skin tone. When Will almost closed the door then Richard came and when Richard asked him  is he has a special cair for his back, Will joked that he will brought to him lumbard support pilow. But when Richard showed that he has his own Will got serious. When Andy said that he wants to get in bed on ten Will started to complain, because he hought that they are gonna get crazy all night. When Crosby came Will got excited and said that he will turn this party around, but then he saw that he brought a baby to a poker night. Will coldn't believe that they are that not into party.

In a few minutes the guys were already playing poker. Will was already betting his money. When the guys started to talk about Crosby's daughter Will tried to keep things moving on. When Andy said that he is upset about dr Sam Will got angry and said that that is not true, but then he opene up to guys that he is upset, about Sam, about Andy acting like a woman and that Crosby is changing baby on his poker table. Later in the house Will tried to change Crosby's mind about leaving the poker night and he said that he will change the baby all the time, and then he snifed baby's pupp. When TJ brought Fiona Will was surprised and got angry, because he doesn't like the fact that Fiona is chrasing his poker night. Then Fiona, TJ, Andy and Will were playing poker. When Richard complained about Will's good he told him to eat a napking, but then Fiona said that there's some humus in his freedge, but then Will got angry again, because they were eating humus now and not playing, then he talke to Fiona.

Later Will was talking to them and they were playing poker again, but when Fiona startd to talk much he got upset and said that it is not his fault that his son is the only friend that she has. Then the guys started to leave, when Fiona left. Then Will played golfish with Andy and they were alone. Later Fiona called Will throught the dumbwaiter to help him get her son. Hour later Will and Fiona were in their car waiting infront of Jackson's house for Marcus. When he came out Will gave him a great edvice how he should listen to the music and not listen o the scary sound of a move and he should be all the time at the sleepover. Then fiona almost burbed in his car, but Will sended her out.
About a Slopmaster Will was infront of his house says yess and being so happy. When Marcus and Fiona came out he was holding an envelope and he was soo happy. When Marcus asked why is he so happy Will told him that if Runaway Sleigh gets played anywere around the world he gets an envelope with a lot of money in it. He was holding fingers that when he would open the envelope there will be a lot of money. Then he opened it and he screamed, because it was a lot and then he showed the prize and chek. Then he left and went back into the house happy and he was dancing.

Hours later Will was already at the shop with Andy and Marcus spending a lot of money. Then Will saw a
margarita machine and said come to pappa and then Andy asked him why is he saying that all the time. Then Will said that Dr. Sam loves margaritas. Then Will gave Marcus a remote control so he can buy a shark. Then Will bought Margarita machine so he can make a party at his house and even invte Sam to it. And then Will said come to pappa.

The next day Will was outside the hospiatl standing on Andy's back and looking throught the window so he can control the shark that he stick a note on so he can invite Sam to the party. When Dr. Sam said yes he got excited and started to jump on Andy's back. But when Bev stapped the shark he was a little upset. Later Will was walking to his home with a shark in his hands. Then he saw Marcus and asked him what's wrong. When Marcus told him that he got asigned a slopmaster Will aske him what is that. Then Will said that that is the sadest thing that happend. Then Will gave him 20 dollars. Then he started to talk to Marcus what was his life before runaway sleight.  Will told Marcus that he needs to figure something out. Later Marcus came to WIll's house but Will didn't see him because he was playeing video games.

Later Will knocked on Marcus's dumb waitter and in it was a IPad and then Will showed up and told that he bought that for Marcus. Then Will got a text from Dr. Sam that she can't make it, because she has to work duble shift. Then Will went to the hospital to bribe Bev so she can give the double shift to another doctor.  Then Will made a deal with Bev and she gave the shift to another doctor. Then Will already called Andy to tell him that party is on. When Andy said that they need to do aparty to Laurie Will said that he can't invite her.

Later Will went to Fiona's place to tell her that he has a party emergency. Will said to Fiona that he needs her drive way for a whole day so he tried to bribe her with 20 box. When Fiona said that he bribes people and that money is ot for that Will said that he dissagres. Later Will was already nervous, because Sam is
coming to his party. When Sam came Will said that they need to act like is the best party. When Sam said that he googled her he said that he didn't, but he actually did, and then Sam thought that that was the sweetes thing. Then when Sam said that he has another shift she looked at her phone, because Will said that Bev was supposed to give that shift to another doctor. Then Sam got mad and went away. Right before Sam left came out of Will's printer Marcus's money and then Will knew that it was Marcus who was the kid that was coping money, so he left and went to his school.

Right before the kids almost startde to stone Marcus Will came and siad that he is to blame, because Marcus was coping the money, because he told him to do something to get the money and then he said to the kids that they should stone him and not Marcus. And later they did stone him. On the end Will came to see Marcus when he was cleaning the chairs. Then Will joined him and they both scrabed gum from chairs.
About a Kiss Will was with TJ, Andy and Marcus playing basketball outside his house. He was with Marcus. Then when Fiona tried to take Marcus away Will asked if he can stay a bit more. Will was angry when Fiona said that she will come to a game night. Later he was with Andy in his kitchen telling him how Fiona always ruins everything that he can't have fun with his friends and how Fiona can't date TJ. When Fiona knocked on Will's door Will couldn't believe his eyes, Fiona was wearing a shirt that you can see bubbs throught. And he looked at her bubs. When Fiona asked him is he's looking at he bubbs he said that yes and that it is a reflex. Will asked Fiona why is she so dressed up for a game night at Laurie's. When Fiona asked Will is he can watch Marcus tonight he said no, because he will be going to Andy's place for a game night. Later Will tried to find a perfect woman to bring to game night and he decides for Samantha Lake.

At the evening Will came to a game night with a bottle of wine and some flowers for Laurie. He tried to be
really nice to Laurie. When TJ came he was inpresed that he actually came with a wining belt. Will was talking to TJ and when Fiona came Will asked him if he is not thinking about doing something with her. When Laurie said that TJ and Fiona is happening Will answered that it is not happening. When Andy got on Laurie's side Will got angry, because he thought that he was on his team. While Fiona and TJ were talking Will was looking at them and making bad faces thinking that hthat it is grose.

Later when Laurie tried to tell Will to go away, because there is not a pair number for games Will said that she is gonna be here. Will was looking at Fiona and TJ and then he couldn't take it anymore and he grabbed TJ and they went on a side to talk. There Will tried to telll TJ not to have sex with Fiona. He was so desperate to seperate Fiona and TJ so he made up that he loves Fiona. But then TJ said that it is on and that they will fight for here.  Later Will was showing sharades to all the guys on game night. When he saw TJ touchinf Fiona he lost it and shouted at TJ and  that TJ should say away from her. Then TJ said that he loves her and Dr Sam came and heard that. Then Will explaned to everyone what is going on, he said that he thinks that Fiona is too good for TJ. Then he told Sam that he has feeling for her and that he doesn't like Fiona. Then Will apologise to Andy for ruining his game night. When Fiona came to him Will said insted of her I'm sorry to himself. On the end Sam came and will hugged her and then they kiss and Will was really happy.
About a Boy's Dad

Will was coming outside with Marcus to teach him how to play baseball, because Marcus got asigned baseball for field day. First Will showed to Marcus that he needs to look like a baseball player, so he spit and touched his balls. When Marcus spitted Will said that that was the worst spit he ever saw. (to be added more)
About a Birthday Party To be added
About a Hammer To be added
About a Rib Chute To be added

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Season 1[]

Season 2[]

  • TBA

Sriracha and Will's christmas song[]

Will is a good songwriter. He likes to sing and he even played in a band called Sriracha, which broke ten years ago. In the band were Andy, Will and his friend TJ. They created that band to get girls and to be popular. But then they got into a fight and they broke up. In About Total Exuberance Tj third member of the band wanted to reunite band, but Will does not want that, so they didn't get together.

Will once wrote a christmas song. That was an only song that he wrote in his life. He calls himself a songwriter, becuase he wrote one good christmas song. He haven't wrote one for 8 years already, because he is afraid that it will be bad. He only san it once in episode About a Buble

In About a Rib Chute the last episode of season 1, TJ, Will's friend texted him to reunite the band for one concert, so Sriracha reunite and they had a concert. A lot of people showed up. And also Fiona perfomed with them What Makes You Beautiful.


Marcus Bowa[]

Marcus is Will's neighbor. From the beginning, Marcus wanted to be his friend so he visits him everyday and they hang out a lot. They are good friends. (See Will and Marcus)

Fiona Bowa[]

Fiona is Marcus' mother and Will's frenemy. They often fight a lot, but they still make good things for each other. (See Fiona and Will)


Andy is Will's best friend.

Dr. Samantha Lake[]

He met Sam in hospital when he brought Marcus there, he liked her from the begining. He thinks that she is his perfect girl. (see Will and Samantha)


Laurie and Will do not get along. When Will helped Madison go to the bathroom, Laurie started to like him, that changed, however, when Will didn't want to say a part of a poem to Jonah.


  • He was once in jail.
  • He loves Cello.
  • He likes to flirt with women.
  • He loves ribs.
  • He has feelings for Dakota.
  • His secret to get a woman is to be bad.
  • He likes to help Marcus.
  • His best friend is Andy.
  • He asked Andy to babysit his kids.
  • He only knows Jonah's name. He doesn't know Madison and Alex's name.
  • He likes to party.
  • He is friends with Lil Jon.
  • He was once in a band called Sriracha.
  • He likes to drink root beer.
  • He likes bowling.
  • He is good friends with Marcus.
  • He once made up that he has a son so he could have sex with a woman.
  • He likes to barbecue.
  • He had one night stands with Jenny.
  • He is 35.
  • He is a good singer.
  • He knows to play Piano and Cello.
  • He often likes to flirt with women naked.
  • He doesn't really know Marcus's age.
  • He can't go without sex even for eleven days.
  • He is a musician.
  • He doesn't like Fiona.
  • He once slept with a girl named Shasta.
  • He loves cheese
  • He can run very fast.
  • He had the talk with Marcus about sex.
  • He loves Buble.
  • He loves a band called Rivvers.
  • He really likes Sam.
  • He's only written only one song in his life
  • He has a notebook from fifth grade about his perfect girl.
  • He doesn't like braces.
  • He loves big boobs and butt.
  • He drinks coffee.
  • He likes poker.
  • He never had problems with women, but with Sam he has.
  • He has a lot of friends.
  • He doesn't like humus.
  • He has an IPhone
  • In About a Rib Chute he moves to New York.


Will: Wow!

Will: Oh, hey neighbour!

Will: Well, we were watching the olympics, so he got on inspired and now I'm helping him train for a sport.

Will: Kid's a natural.

Will: You're a sweet , smart, honest, just wonderful kid, but unfortunately those qualities repel women.

Will: They like guys who are mysteries.

Will: No, no like the opposite of the magicians, they like bad boys. Can you be a bad boy?


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