Will and Marcus
General Information
Characters Shipped: Marcus Bowa and Will Freeman
Status: Friends
Portrayed By: David Walton and Benjamin Stockham

Will and Marcus is a friendship between Marcus Bowa and Will Freeman.


Marcus and Will meet in the Pilot episode. Already, from the begining Marcus liked Will and he wanted to hang out with him. One day when he was running from school, he ran into Will's house and they hang out. After that Marcus started to visit him everyday. They played pingpong, eat ribs and drink juice from the bottle. 

Other NamesEdit

  • Warcus (Will/Marcus)
  • Wircus (Will/Marcus)
  • Wilcus (Will/Marcus)
  • Mill (Marcus/Will)
  • Marill (Marcus/Will)
  • Marcil (Marcus/Will)
  • Frewa (Freeman/Bowa)
  • Freema (Freeman/Bowa)
  • Beeman (Bowa/Freeman)
  • Boman (Bowa/Freeman)


Season 1Edit


  • They first met when Marcus saw Will withouth pants and he looked at him very weirdly.
  • At the garden later Marcus came to Will and Fiona and told Will his name and why did he and his mom came to San Francisco and then he told him that she's single and that they shuld hang out.
  • The next day Marcus was running form school and escaping from bullies and he ran into Will's hpuse and asked him if he can come in.
  • At the house Marcus already knew wverything about Will and he told him that he googled him ant that he knows everything about him.
  • At house when Dakota came Will forced Marcus to pretend to be his son and he did.
  • Later Marcus came to his house and told him that Will owns him a dinner.
  • Later they were watching TV and eating ribs and drinking sola from a bottle. Then Marcus tried ribs for the first time.
  • Then it was shown how Marcus came to Will's house everyday and the y played ping pong and drink and eat ribs...
  • Next day Marcus also run  to Will's place , because he was running from bullies. Will already had everything prepared and he gave Marcus a water tube and they sprayed bullies.
  • At Will's house Marcus invited Will to his school talent show and he invited him to come for dinner to their house.
  • At Marcus's house Will and Marcus were laughing at Fiona's food.
  • On the end when Will saw that Marcus will sing al capella he ran to his school and in the middle of the show he came and started to play What Makes you Beautiful and then on the end they high fifed and they become friends.

About Total Exuberance

  • Will and Marcus had wirst sceen when Will opened a door in the wall and Marcus told him that their houses are together build.
  • Then when Fiona came to ask Will is he can babysit Marcus he siad first no, but when Marcus asked him nicley he then said yes.
  • Later at Will's house, Will and Marcus were hanging out, because Will was babysitting Marcus. They only talked, and at that time Marcus made an prepositison that they sould go to Lil Jon's pool party.
  • Then Will and Marcus went to the Party where they made a deal that they won't tell Fiona about the party and that they will do visulal checks every fifteen minutes and that they will meed in an hour at the lion's chage.
  • While Will was having fun Marcus wasn't, he was only sitting and looking at Will sadly.
  • Later when Marcus came to Will they had a fight, becuase Marcus interupted a conversation between Will and a hot babe.
  • Then Marcus wnet away from Will and told him that he cantake care of himself.
  • Then When Will saw Marcus traped in a highdiving board he went up there and helped him so he could fall. 
  • But then when he svaed him  he told him that he should live a total exuberance, so then Marcus jumped and Will then jumped behind him.
  • Then they swam in the pool.
  • On the end Will and Marcus came home and try to hid that they go to the party from Fiona, but Marcus told her anyway.

About a Godfather

  • Will first asked Fiona if Marcus can come with him bowling and he said yes quickly.
  • Later at the bowling alley Marcus was so excited, cus Will brought him to it.
  • Then while bowling Marcus was having fun, but Will wasn't cus he missed Andy.
  • Then Will and Marcus ordered food and something to drink.
  • Later at Will's place Marcus and Will were playing fusball. Will told Marcus that he can't spin it.
  • Marcus than left Will, cus he talked only about Andy.

About a Girl

  • They were talking about Hannah Bickleman.
  • Will told Marcus that he can't learn how to get a girl, because that is art.
  • Will was comforting Marcus so he told him that he is new at school and that no one knows him yet.
  • Then Marcus came to Will's place again very sad, because he knew that he lost his soulmate.
  • Will tried to comfort him.
  • Then Will told Marcus how to get a girl,by being a bad boy.
  • Then Marcus thanked him.
  • Then Marcus showed to Will his invitation to Hannah's birthday party.
  • Later at the party Will came to help Marcus from embarasing himself.
  • Will then distratct Marcus by drinking with him rought beer and they were talking.
  • Then Will tried to brib a DJ so he would play a slow song from embarasing Marcus. 
  • Then Marcus was thankful to Will.

About a Plumber

  • Will and Marcus were first playing at their backyard badminton.
  • Marcus said to Will that they should get a dog, because he thought that Will and Fiona will start to date.
  • Marcus later came to Will and wanted him to teach him how to grill, but Will didn't want to do that.
  • Marcus later came to Will's place because he thought that he and his mother will be together.
  • But Will told him that that is not gonna happen and then he gave him a life lesson about sex.
  • When Marcus went to a restaurant to ruine his mom's and Lou's date Will followed him.
  • There he tried to tell that they nee to go.
  • Then Will confes that he is attached to Marcus.
  • On the end Will was at Marcus's room.
  • On the end Marcus called Will dad, but he was only joking.

About a Buble

  • TBA

About a Poker Night

  • TBA

Similarities and DifferencesEdit


  • They are both childish.
  • They are both males.
  • They like ribs.
  • They both like bowling.
  • They both don't like bailing.
  • They were both not popular at school.


  • Will is 35 Marcus is 11.
  • Will is all alone, Marcus has a mother.
  • Will likes videogames, junk food, alcholhol, Marcus doesn't like that.


Marcus: Hi!
Will: We have a dumbwaiter?
Marcus: This is a whole one house, isn't that awesome? We live together.
Will: We do not live together.

Marcus: Please Will, she really needs the job.
Will: Ohh, so just a couple of hours right.
Marcus: Thank You Will!

Marcus: This is my feeling wheel. Because we're hanging out together, I'm coloring in excited,comfored and phefield.... Will stop, you are coloring at total exuberance, I've never experiend total exuberance.

Will: Bro code silence?
Marcus: Bro code silence.

Will: First Andy bails on me, and now he is not answering any of my texts, what's that about?
Marcus: Thanks for bringing me here. Oh you should feel my pulse, this is the most excited, I've ever been.
Will: Yeah, is it more excited than a pupping baby?
Marcus: Yes.

Will: Oh right dude, let's see it.
Marcus: Just straight down the middle...argggg...Okay third time is a shot.
Will: Oh right, buddy do it.
Marcus: Got a really good feeling bout this one Will.
Will: Yeah, me too.
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