Will and Samantha
General Information
Characters Shipped: Will Freeman and Dr. Samantha Lake
Status: Crush
Portrayed By: Adrianne Palicki and David Walton

Will and Samantha is a pairing between Will Freeman and Dr. Samantha Lake.

History[edit | edit source]


Other Ship Names[edit | edit source]

  • Wamantha (Will/Samantha)
  • Wantha (Will/Samantha)

Moments[edit | edit source]

About a Buble[edit | edit source]

  • Will saw Sam and fastly came to her.
  • They gretted.
  • When Sam asked who do we have her Will said I'm Will insted of Marcus.
  • Will and Sam were in the hospital room and Will tried to impress Sam.
  • While they were walking down the hall way Sam said that she is not gonna have sex with him.
  • TBA

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Similarities and Differences[edit | edit source]

Similarities[edit | edit source]

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Differences[edit | edit source]

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